Monday, June 30, 2008

Working Over Time

If it were a perfect world pain wouldn't exist. Love would last forever. Drugs would be used to cure and not destroy. Mothers wouldn't leave their daughters. Fathers wouldn't leave their families. Abusers wouldn't throw punches. Children wouldn't starve. People wouldn't die on the streets. If it were a perfect world people wouldn't hate. People wouldn't kill each other or themselves. Women wouldn't have to prostitute themselves. Men wouldn't go to them for validation. People wouldn't need plastic surgery to feel better about themselves. Women and men wouldn't starve themselves. Hands wouldn't be used to hit but to shelter and protect. Questions would be answered.

Sometimes when I think about society and our world I get disgusted.

What's wrong with wanting perfection?

My mind is working double-duty right now. I wish it could stop. I have thoughts of every kind running through my head.

Coming soon: What was inside the letter my biological mother wrote to me?

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