Friday, June 20, 2008

No Distractions

I feel perfect. For now, at least.

It could be the wine. It could be the feeling that everything is going to be just fine. It could be the feeling that I'm not the only person in this world who feels the way that I do. It could be a mix of all of these things.

I really felt like writing tonight. For some reason though, I can't express the words that I want to say. So forgive me if this doesn't make much sense....Sometimes the thoughts don't flow so smoothly.

But for now I am just fine. I feel relaxed and at peace (been awhile since I've felt like this). For the past few years my mind has been a storm. There were many turbulent times. For the most part, I managed to hide these emotions..but they were there, raging inside of me all along.

I've learned to accept things. I've learned to have more patience. I've learned to move on.

I know there will be setbacks, despite what I say. I know there will be days when I'm pushed to the edge with thoughts that I don't want to deal with. But that is alright and I'm ready for it.

Music is so powerful. It just makes me release all of what I'm feeling. No matter what the emotion is, it is a good release.

So enough of this...

In class, a few days ago, I was reading a student's journal. I found an amusing quote, "If a boy can eat really hot kimchi it shows how strong of a man he can be." Well, it made giggle.

Another student wrote about her sister's friend "piepied" on himself...Sometimes it's great fun to read their VE books.

Monsoon season is here. Yeay for rain?! o_O

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Anonymous said...

nice post . wine and paper make it more interesting