Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Month has gone by...Really?

Two weeks ago, I had a very interesting experience. I opposed, at first, to going but I finally agreed...I considered, it's Korea and I should be experiencing new fascinating things.

So I went to a Korean bathhouse / sauna. I'm usually a modest person so having to undress and shower in front of a number of strangers was a bit shocking and disturbing at first. When I arrived, the woman at the front desk gave me two small orange towels, some clothes to change into (to be worn after the shower/hot tub) and then proceeded to show me where I needed to store my shoes.

Next thing I know, I entered into the main part of the bathhouse for women.

So there I was, trying to communicate with the woman that I don't know how these "bathhouses" work. Eventually I bought a scrub and body wash to use in the communal shower. I found my locker and slowly began to undress...trying to avoid eye contact with the naked women. I walked out of the locker area, revealed all of my glory and managed to keep a straight face.

Then I entered into the showers and began to wash myself. Before I came, I was told that it was going to be a relaxing experience...I saw no signs of relaxation yet. It was very busy on this Sunday evening. Many women were washing each other while sitting on plastic shower seats. This concept was strange to me. Some women even managed to get a massage as well. I took my time washing myself, trying to pay attention to what the other women were doing, all the while, feeling very self-conscious.

After washing myself two or three times I got into the hot tub. Very nice...I've started to relax by this point. Then I decided to head into the sauna and then the nice cold pool.

I lost all track of time...Finally, I managed to go downstairs where there were other saunas where men and women could mingle. Adam and I went into this room where there are hot little clay balls that you lay on. It was great...

We left. I went back the next Sunday and will probably go again in the future.
Life in Korea has its ups and downs. The job is nice, but it can be exhausting at times. I'm ready for vacation time and travel. In May, I have two three-day weekends because of Korean National holidays.

Last night, was the Espirit dinner. Fun was had...First time I've ever gone past the tipsy stage. After dinner, a number of us went to an "All That Beer" establishment..not a big beer drinker but they had tasty sausages.

Then we went to a Norae Bang.. ^-^ (yes, I just made an Asian smiley face...) It is a singing room where people go with their companies or friends, that is a lot of fun. I have some video footage of some of the events from last night so once I can get them uploaded to the Internet I will let you guys know.

Next time, I will try not to let a month go by before I write again.

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erinenorman said...

That bath house story is hilarious!