Saturday, March 8, 2008

Something tastes different, maybe it's my tounge.

Thank goodness for the weekend.

This past week was a little bit rougher than my first few weeks here. I'm attributing to the fact that the kids started public school this past week as well... they need to release their energy some time, somewhere, that being my classroom.

I had a good start to my weekend. After work a number of the teachers from Seocho and Apgu went to Smokey Saloon. This is a burger place in Apgujeong. Very tasty and satisfying :)
Being the person I am, I didn't get a hamburger...I got a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. I was rather concerned about what the cheese would taste like, but it was good!

After dinner we all headed over to Kangnam for drinks. We found this "Hof" bar-I don't know the exact meaning of "Hof" but it's just a place that has REALLY cheap soju. A bottle of soju for 10 cents or 100 won. Flavored soju = melted popsicle juice...this too, was tasty. There were pretty fruit plates and some kind of spicy pork dish for our "anju." Anju is just another word for expensive appetizers.

We played a number of Korean games which was, I did not get drunk or even feel woozy. I was surprised considering I had a number of soju shots.

Around 1am we went on a taxi search. None of the taxis wanted to take us because Kangnam is so close to Seocho (the subway was closed). So we all decided to stretch our legs and walk back. The walk isn't too long or bad, I had walked it before about a week ago.

More later...

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John said...

Cheap shots, huh?! That could be bad, lol. Hope next week is better for you :o)