Monday, March 3, 2008

Find a new reason, a new way of living...

This past Friday was payday and thank goodness it came when it did. Funds were getting low and I was getting worried. It is the beginning of cycle two at school which means I survived the first two and a half weeks. This job is pretty easy and enjoyable. Here are some photos of a few students I teach.
(top/left to right: Brian, Joseph, Duke, David, & Monica)

(middle/l. to r.: Heidi *sweet girl*, Asela, and Herry)

(l. to r.: Kyuri, Christine, Yujin, Jason, and Christina)

I haven't done anything too exciting since my last post that is worth mentioning, but it did snow this past Monday. It started snowing on the way to work and continued snowing through the night. Here are some photos:
I walk this street to and from work...

Playground on the way to work.
Went to the City Hall area, one Friday evening, in search of this little water-way in the middle of town. I will have to return when Spring and Summer arrive.

Under water lights
A few weeks ago I went to a bar opening. It's called the "Happy Bar" and is in the Gwangmyeong area. Some Koreans have two names, a Korean and English name. I met a guy named Kurt... Kurt Cobain. Yes, he named himself after the guitarist/singer in Nirvana. Slightly amusing. Even more amusing, he said that he knew who Alison Krauss and Nicklecreek were (fib).. Here are some pictures of me participating in the Korean way...
(yes that's a REAL pig's head)

Array of Food at Chu Ok's "Happy Bar"
How can I forget! I got my cool red 'hand phone' this past Friday (pictures will be available soon)! It's a pretty cool piece of technology and I only paid 90,000 KRW for it. It has this video conferencing tool on the phone where I can see the person I'm talking to. It also has the microSD card slot (still trying to figure out how to work it) that allows you to bring outside music, pictures, and videos to your phone.

A few last words...If you ever have to tinkle while you are in a Korean subway, HOLD it. Don't use the bathrooms...the "toilet" was covered in unidentifiable brown and red was also very slippery and wet inside the stall because it had been raining that evening. I could not figure out how to 'use' this contraption with out making a mess. Too difficult to use...Needless to say, I was grossed out. FYI: a number of Koreans do not take the time to wash their hands after using the bathroom...take caution.

(photos and updates on apartment, daily ups/downs about living in Korea, and school).

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John said...

New phone, huh?! I bet that international phone bill isn't so cheap, lol. Glad to hear you're doing well. Keep up the good work. I found out that my church has a lot of people from South Korea...and supports a lot of missions TO South Korea. I also have a friend who I think just left for S. Korea with his wife. The Lion King comes to mind..."it's a small world after all..."