Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving and Top 10 Subway Stops

Thanksgiving dinner was on Saturday, at Adam's place. It was really stressful to make all the food and clean in such a short amount of time, but once everything was done it was really satisfying. There was so much food for the six of us in the tiny officetel. We had ordered a big turkey dinner from the Marriott that came with a few side dishes. Adam and I also made some extra sides: stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet mashed potatoes, banana bread, and pumpkin bread.

Later in the evening we played a few rounds of charades. It was quite amusing and enjoyed by everyone.

Pictures will be added to Picasa sometime soon. I know I need to update a number of my pictures and when I do I'll post the link.

Top 10 Subway Stations I Use

1. Nambu Bus Terminal
2. Cheolsan
3. Express Bus Terminal
4. Samsung
5. Gangnam
6. Kyodae
7. Seocho
8. Hongdae
9. Jamsil
10. Apgujeong/Itaewon

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