Saturday, November 22, 2008

The 10 Things I...

I was inspired. This concept is not mine to claim, but I'm thankful. Thank you SY!
So my next few blogs will be "10 things I..." They are not in any particular order.

10 Things I dislike about Korea

1. Uneven sidewalks, which lead to ruined shoes.
2. The Korean Princess Mentality
3. The sound that men make when hawking up spit.
4. Packed subway cars: Pushy ajummas and ajossis that smell like soju, garlic, and moth balls.
5. The loud drunken hollering I can hear from the 5th floor in the middle of the night.
6. Not being able to get a taxi late at night, because you are too close to where you want to go.
7. The stares I get when walking and talking with white people.
8. Expensive fruit and veggies or lack of foreign food choices.
9. High prices for low quality clothing.
10.Separating food garbage and paper garbage.

Other things that couldn't fit in the list:

The rotten smells, hot summers, floor heating that doesn't work, the falling won, and the rude mannerisms people tend to have here (cultural thing).

10 Things I like About Korea

1. Cheap Public Transportation
2. Taxi drivers that have limited hesitation to run a red light
3. The 10 minute walk to work.
4. 17 green tea, Melon Ice Cream Bars, Cham Chi Kimbap, banana milk and dokkbokki!
5. Cheap shoes in my size
6. Cheap membership to the gym right across the street from my apartment.
7. Living less than 5 minutes away from grocery store, the subway station, and my new dentist (Oh the convenience!)
8. My precious students
9. $3 Doner Kebabs from street vendors
10. The ladies at the local Kimbap Chonguk and Joes Sandwich (friendly).

Other things that couldn't fit in the list:
The large leaves that have started to fall from the trees.
An outdoor running track 5-10 minutes away from my apartment.
Cheap burned DVDS.
Cool looking buildings.
Having four distinct seasons.

So I didn't get off from work for Thanksgiving, but I will get to eat a nice Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

I have yet to meet my biological mother. We were suppose to meet this past Wednesday, but she couldn't get to Seoul that early in the day. I told Soohyun to ask what date she is available and I would plan around it. Now, I'm just waiting for a response.

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adamwalsh said...

You are right on with most of your lists. Especially the pre-sit noise, it goes right through me.