Monday, September 15, 2008

Random Happenings

Here are just a few random things that have been happening in my life lately...

Last weekend I went to the Hongdae/Edae area of Seoul to do some shopping. As I was heading back to my apartment I ran into Sam, which was definitely unexpected. Sam and I went to university together back in Mississippi...I knew he had come to Seoul to teach ESL but I didn't think we'd ever bump into each other in the subway. So we chatted for a few minutes and then parted ways.

Later that evening, I managed to clumsily drop my cell phone down the elevator shaft from the fifth floor of my building. I felt very stupid and embarrassed. With the help of some korean speaking friends we managed to get the maintenance people at the building to retrieve my phone a few days later. Fortunately, my phone survived the fall with only a few scars!

It's Chuseok in Korea which means a long weekend for foreigners and family time for the rest of the country. Since China and Japan weren't an option any longer, I decided to hang out at COEX on Saturday. Sun and I went to see Mamma Mia! and ate dinner at On The Border (delicious by the way). On Sunday, I went to go see Gyungbukgung Palace and to Itaewon to eat supper.

I also think I might have a stalker. The situation is odd and a little creepy. Friday evening, after work, I saw a man standing/walking down the hallway torwards my place. Later that evening, I left to get something to eat and nearly jumped out of my skin and gasped. I saw the same man standing outside my door near the window that faces the street. Immediately he spoke IN English and says, "Sorry. So Sorry." I just shook it off and walked to the elevator. He followed me, stood to my left and then he kinda chuckled, but didn't say much more. We both got on the elevator and rode down to the first floor. The next time I saw him was on Saturday, right before I met up with Sun. I left my room and he was walking down the hallway towards me. As we were waiting at the elevator he started laughing, looked at me and asked in broken English, "You go meet your friend?"

I kinda nodded and said yeah at the same time, obviously creeped out. I wondered how and why this guy would ask me this question. (Later I realized that Sun had called me right before I had left my apartment...Was it possible he was outside my door again, listening to my conversation?) So we got on the elevator....and went up instead of going down. I realized neither one of us pushed the 1 button so I quickly pressed it. After getting off of the elevator first I turn to the left and he tells me to have a good time.

Strange or have I let myself get a little paranoid?

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