Thursday, May 22, 2008

Someday I might know my heart

Reasons why I like teaching...

1. Getting random questions: For example "Teacher, how do you spell poo hole?" (no joke)
2. Receiving hugs from my students: Sunny came up to me before class this week and gave me a huge hug...instant happiness.
3. Little hands shaking eagerly in the air to answer a simple fill-in-the-blank question.
4. Reading my students' funny sentences, stories or essays in their journals or VE books and being able to laugh out loud.
5. Pretending I'm a secret agent with a special kind of "hand phone" that looks like a clock.
6. Random happies: Dried Mangos from Lucy (they were yummy)
7. Students that make me laugh
8. Being able to stun my students into silence.

Reasons why I need a break from teaching...

1. The incessant "Teacher, Teacher, Teacher" and interruptions
2. The constant repetition of everything
3. The moments when I feel like I'm not doing anything
4. Having to be the "bad guy"
5. The endless grading and corrections
6. The Problem Children.
7. Dealing with nose bleeds, drool, and nose pickers

I had a student (Jack) burning mechanical pencil lead with his cell phone battery on Wednesday. O_O

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