Sunday, March 7, 2010

a focus on the positive. heart-y style.

three day weekends. green tea lattes. sharing deep-dish pizza after a long run. the trainer with kind eyes at my gym. crunchy almonds. running with a friendly, old man who motivated me to maintain my speed. pink roses from justin's mom. watching tommy act with vigor. making chocolate candy with vincent class. jihu's proud moment on stage when he clearly exclaimed, "i like spinach." prepping my lesson plans two months in advance. a twenty mile run that calmed my nerves for the SIM. swapping mitch hedberg jokes. mitche hedberg's voice. refreshing mandarin oranges. korean girls cheering for me during a hard training run. wearing my cowboy hat to a soju cocktail birthday party. listening to fleet foxes at work. pretty soap dish from kevin's mother. consuming an entire box of belgian chocolates. the kindness of strangers. patience. long, late-night of dancing at a new club in hongdae. eating delicious dalk-galbi with my coworkers. all of the hard work jo did for baeum. na giving me an eye make-up makeover. finding the time to paint my nails black. the cute boy that wore "cowboy" boots to gogos. kim yuna's success and talent. joannie rochette's strength and grace. everything going smoothly at the goyang international women's marathon. witnessing a cow and chicken kiss under the disco lights. service bananas. snapple apple. giving justin a run for his money. a goodbye dinner of shabu shabu, with Jess. drinking my first two cups of hand-dripped coffee with terry. the sales rack at forever 21. andy's angry ears. getting..."lost in ilsan"... free lunch of samgyetang. martina mcbride's intense vocals. the feeling you get when you're inspired. making a tentative plan for my future. saying goodbye/hugging bill, annie, libby, and jihu one last time. spring. team dirt sign. going to see wolfman with sun. honey orange lattes. the beads of sweat after a good cycling session. late night giggle session with stephanie and driving justin crazy because of it. two pairs of free running shorts.

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I'm no Picasso said...

Hey. Sorry about just randomly stopping by like this. Here's the thing -- me and some other foreign girls here in Seoul are looking to get out to a host bar, and I've gone through pages and pages of google searching, trying to see how we might go about this, and shockingly there appears to be little to no information. I came across your blog this way and saw that you have been. Can you by any chance remember the name of the place you went to, and do you have any advice or suggestions on the subject?

Sorry. This is rude. But you know... desperate times and all. You can reach me at Any help or information would be much appreciated. Thanks.

(I'm No Picasso)