Sunday, July 13, 2008

What happened to the spice?

For me, life has slowed down just a little. There isn't much to update on. Perhaps I should get out of this routine that I am in again.

Here's a typical weekday for me: I wake up late, go to work, go to the gym to work out for a few hours and shake off all of the day's stresses, eat dinner from the local kimbap place, read or play on the internet, and go to bed late. Insert the occasional dinner with friends or a date. The banal process repeats...but at least I'm in a different country experiencing a new culture. Right?

I've planned out all of my accommodation in Thailand. I'm very excited and can't wait to be in Bangkok in seven days! This trip should provide the excitement, adventure, and cure to my boredom that I have been looking for.

It's vacation time which means report card time. This coming Thursday is the last day of spring semester at E*spirit (it's a little sad to see the little kiddies go) and for fun, the students get to participate in an auction that sells little toys and snacks (pictures and info to come later). Friday is a full day of preparation and planning for the summer session during August, followed by a company dinner.

My lunch is ready (Ramen) so until next time, peace.

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